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Site Barriers

Site Barriers
Versatile, mobile and quick to deploy, our barriers are in use at a wide range of sites around the world and have been proven to significantly improve the safety of workforces.


Traffex Seeing Is Believing 2018

Traffex Seeing Is Believing 2018
Traffex Seeing Is Believing 2018
Traffex Seeing Is Believing 2018
We have just returned from a successful exhibition in the outdoor area at Traffex 2018. Whilst attendance was on the low side, we were able to demonstrate our latest solar powered, mobile, retracting boom vehicle barrier the Readi-Guard VFB Vertical Mobile Solar Powered Vehicle Barrier with Retracting Boom®.

This new barrier solves the long standing problem of traditional traffic vertical barriers hitting overhead obstacles such as trees or electricity/telephone wires, etc. Instead of the boom lifting vertically it folds down and retracts back to the barrier housing. In addition to the obvious safety advantages, this also makes the Readi-Guard VFB Vertical Mobile Solar Powered Vehicle Barrier with Retracting Boom® very quick to raise taking just 4 seconds to allow rapid access to authorised vehicles plus, we now have the added advantage of easier transportation as the boom can remain attached to the barrier housing when being transported to site.

For further information, please contact Solar & Electric Gates on 0800 772 3560 or email: office2@solarelectricgates.co.uk


Readi-Guard Mobile Traffic Gate with Horizontal or Vertical Lifting Booms

To add to our current range of solar powered mobile Traffic Barriers, which we have supplied very successfully over the last 10 years, our new mobile Readi-Guard Traffic Barrier/Gate, jointly developed with Colas Ltd, has been welcomed by highway companies as a great step forward in road safety.

The barrier helps to reduce accidents and remove workers from entry points where they can suffer injury or significant abuse from non-authorised visitors, including the general public, where road or lane closures have become necessary.

For full details of our Readi-Guard range, please see our Products catalogue above.


A new system to protect highways teams at work access points has been successfully launched in the East Midlands and is now being deployed across the UK.

Devised by Colas and development partners Solar and Electric Gates Ltd (S&EG), the new Readi-Guard system opens the access gate to work areas remotely removing the need for manual operation.

The remote system will help protect operatives from motorists who attempt to breach barriers and enter restricted work zones, while allowing authorised vehicles into the designated work area.

In a statement, Colas said that after a trial in Highways England’s Area 7 (East Midlands) ‘keen interest’ from the government-owned highways operator has seen the system deployed in other areas.

Ryan Wood, technical manager at Colas said: ‘The traffic management access gate is a well thought-out solution to an issue that poses considerable risk to our workforce and the wider traffic management community.

‘Working with S&EG we have been able to develop a system that eliminates exposure to live traffic in situations when operatives are required to open works accesses. It is designed for ease of deployment and use in short term works but is equally suited to longer term work sites.’

The system was developed for the Joint Venture A-One+, which brings together Halcrow Group Ltd, Colas Ltd or Costain Group Plc.

Dennis Gregg, associate director for Colas and A-one+ JV Board Member added: ‘A Traffic Management Operatives’ workplace is among one of the most dangerous and vulnerable places to be and the behaviour of drivers in passing vehicles is an increasing problem. Abuse to road workers should not be overlooked and is unfortunately a regular event in their chosen career.

'A particular area of concern where both road worker and the public interact is at works access points, which are required to be manually opened and closed to allow construction vehicles to enter and exit a site.

‘The innovative gate removes the road worker from this exposure and creates a safer environment through the remote operation of access point therefore eliminating the potential for confrontation from members of the public.’

(Article featured at https://www.transport-network.co.uk/New-remote-access-gate-developed-to-protect-highways-workers/12100)


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